Participant coverage

Read blogs from participants who attended Lean Agile Exchange previously.

What I learned at Lean Agile Exchange 2022

"I spent two days at the Lean Agile Exchange conference, and absolutely loved it. Every session I went to was gold..."
Blog by Neil Vass

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Reflections From LAx 2021

"As both an agilist and software engineer, I enjoy attending a mixture of conferences..."
Blog by Carly Richmond, Frontend Engineer & Agile Enthusiast

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The time we went to LAx [2021]…

"The conference setup at LAx was super cool, with an interactive ‘map’ on the day taking you to an ‘auditorium’ where you could pick from any of the live talks in progress..."
Blog by Nick Brown, Senior Ways of Working Enablement Specialist @ Nationwide Building Society

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Lean Agile Exchange 2020

"In September this year, I attended Lean Agile Exchange 2020, which brought together the communities..."
Blog by Tom Walsh - Software Engineer

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LAx [2020] -Still a community of need

"I was wondering if LAx would be as much a Community of Need conference as e.g. Lean Agile Scotland or Agile Cambridge were. I was not disappointed..."
Blog by Willem van den Ende, Developing Consultant, QWAN

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Participant feedback

Take a look at the feedback we have received from our previous participants.

Andre, participant, LAx 2020

I was amazed how well the Slack channels worked as a "hallway track"! There were so many great discussions. Being part of all of them in a physical conference isn't possible, but with Slack I could catch up on them all.

Anonymous, Participant, LAx 2021

I love it that this conference not only has a code of conduct and talk about inclusivity, but one can feel it's part of the DNA.

Anonymous, participant, LAx 2021

I liked the way it was scheduled with adequate time to recharge between talks. That made it much easier to focus and get the most out of them.

Anonymous, participant, LAx 2021

Remote access worked really well and allowed for more consumption of the content than I think would have been possible if it were physically hosted. It was also really well planned and hosted.

Andy, participant, LAx 2020

I found collaborative sessions more enjoyable than just listening to a presentation. I learned more of the soft skills that I can work on and improve during work activities. A significant amount of hard work goes into 1) organising and managing the event and 2) building and presenting the material - thank you

Anonymous, participant, LAx 2021

Again you were able to bring a diverse, inclusive, inspiring conference, with lots of opportunities to learn on subjects not directly related to Lean/Agile, but after listening them they do. If that makes any sense.

Lyndsay, participant, LAx 2020

Diversity of speakers. It was so good to see more under-represented groups speaking. The experience was fun and informative. Thanks for making this happen! Great work!

Anonymous, participant, LAx 2021

Absolutely top-notch program. All talks were good-to-great, and I found plenty of new ideas. And some confirmation;-)

Anonymous, participant, LAx 2021

I love the library and the Eat, Grow, Learn section. Also really pleased with the speedy upload of the recorded sessions <3

Johannes, participant, LAx 2020

Deep topics, big variety, great atmosphere.

Anonymous, participant, LAx 2021

Really clear and well structured, very useful lots of take homes great session, practical and enjoyed the use of gifs! Interesting and useful content that can be used in the work, nice pace and engaging.

Anonymous, participant, LAx 2020

Thank you! - A great amount of organisation and logistics clearly went in to make this the conference it was - I loved I could participate without travelling and I could attend as an individual and not feel excluded but connected to like minded humans. Connected.... it felt connected with the workshops and breakout rooms (it took a lot to switch on my camera and connect but my courage was worth it for the reward of connecting)

Speaker interviews

These are interviews taken with our speakers about their session at Lean Agile Exchange.


Deliver Faster by Killing the Test Column - LAx 2020

InfoQ interviewed Jit Gosai after his talk "Faster delivering teams? kill the test column!". Columns like "In test" often lead to teams having more work in progress and less work actually being finished...

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Team-set salaries: welcome to agile compensation - LAx 2021

InfoQ interviewed Klaus Wuestefeld after his talk "Team-set salaries: welcome to agile compensation". Team-set salaries can be used to set fair compensation for individuals in multi-skilled, collaborative, autonomous teams...

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