We can create bespoke sponsorship packages for interested organisations. Alternatively, if you'd like to provide virtual swag, giveaways or other resources as a supporter, we'd love to hear from you.

Community Groups

A discount is available to meetup and user groups that help promote Lean Agile Exchange to their members. If you organise, or are a member of, a user group and would like more information please contact us.

You can view our previous sponsors


 EasyRetro - helps teams to improve with Fun Sprint Retrospectives. Participants at Lean Agile Exchange 2022 will have access to a Promo Code to get a 15% discount on any plan - check out our Library area during the event.

EasyRetro logo in blue and white

Balsamiq - a quick and easy wireframing for everyone! Lean Agile Exchange 2022 participants will be able to access a 90-day extended trial promo code for Balsamiq Cloud - check out our Library during the event.

Balsamiq Logo in red and white