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Andrew Harmel-Law


Session time:

27 Apr 11:15 12:15

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

Let's be honest with ourselves and talk about how it *feels* to write code. Let's examine how being open about the highs and lows might tell us about what's going on when we write code, why it's so hard (and exhilarating), and how we might get better at it.

Have you ever wondered why it feels like it does to write code? Have you ever stopped and thought “if this is supposed to be such an intellectual exercise, why am I experiencing so many emotions, from the heights of elation, to the pits of despair?”. I have.

Since this first occurred to me years ago I’ve pieced together a theory which I believe gives not only an explanation for such mental states, but also offers a new means of evaluating how we work with software, and perhaps even becoming better at it.

In this session I’ll explain the theory, bringing in the latest views from neuro and cognitive science. I’ll then consider how it can be applied, not only explaining how it feels to write code, but also interrogating why each of us has such wildly different experiences. In doing so you’ll gain a far deeper understanding of this daily activity, and consequently drive significant personal improvements.

Themes: Learning, Test-driven-development, Pair programming

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  • Delivered: Live
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