Session type:

Case Study

Presented by:

Caroline McDowall


Session time:

21 Oct 15:30 16:00

Session duration:

30 minutes

About the session

How inclusive is your agile? Are you facing challenges with agile adoption?

This session will encourage you to think about small, simple changes we can all make to help increase understanding within our organisations, helping break down silos, simplify language and build common understanding.

I will share some real examples of obstacles I have encountered while leading a business unit through an agile adoption this year, with some suggestions for simple changes we can all make to break down barriers.

Key questions I'll discuss:

  • How do we help people feel safe to learn and ask the questions that they want to ask?¬†
  • How do we find a common language, removing the mystery in how technology teams work?
  • What steps can you take to reduce the jargon?
  • How do you reduce the fear, cynicism and approach resistance to change?
  • How do you set realistic expectations both in the adoption timescales and in progress of delivery?
  • How do you start to build trust?

This session will be:

  • Delivered: Live
  • Recorded: No

Themes: Inclusive, Transformation , Agile teams learning

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