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Bob Marshall

Falling Blossoms

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22 Oct 12:45 13:15

Session duration:

30 minutes

About the session

Shifting the culture of an organisation is the holy grail of most business leaders.

Few agree on how. Organisational psychotherapy is a new, emerging field, drawing on more than a century of science, research and practice in the established field of individual psychotherapy.

Memeology is a self-help approach to leveraging the power of Organisational Psychotherapy.

The approach presented in this talk – an approach I call "Memeology" – is predicated on providing a list of the typical memes constituting the organisational memeplex, and facilitating the self-directed surfacing of and reflection on the prevailing assumptions and beliefs of the organisation in terms of these memes.

Participant takeaways:

  1. Memeology: A means to change organisational culture, for the long term, and at a sustainable pace.
  2. An introduction to the field of Organisational Psychotherapy
  3. Insights into the power and benefits of Organisational Psychotherapy
  4. Actionable learnings:
    • How to arrange time for surfacing and reflection
    • How to get started on discussing your organisation's collective assumptions and beliefs
    • The host of memes that form any organisation's collective mindset
    • How memes interlock with one another to frustrate change – and how to overcome this
  5. How it's possible to talk about difficult and undiscussable topics... Shifting a collective organisational mindset takes time and commitment, but it’s vital for harnessing the cultural and technical forces that are accelerating the need for responsiveness and business agility
  6. Discover how involving everyone in adopting new collective assumptions and beliefs enables people and teamwork at every level. Your organisation has amazing potential to do better – Memeology helps you liberate that potential, in your own way and your own timescales.

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  • Delivered: Live
  • Recorded: Yes 

Themes: Organisational psychotherapy, Culture shift, Change, Organisational change, Self-help

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